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Making a smooth transition to college

Your college years are a time to grow intellectually and emotionally. For most students, college is the most important developmental phase of your life.

We understand that you have a lot of options. The college you choose will play an important role in how you will change over the next four years. As you transition to college, here are 10 things to keep in mind.

  1. Find your community. It will take time to build, but be sure to maintain a supportive network of friends, living  mates and college staff and faculty.
  2. Find a mentor on campus. While many find faculty the most accessible type of mentor, there are many other people who are there to help you – including staff, alumni, coaches and local community members.
  3. Get involved. College is a time to pursue not only your academics goals, but also to explore and engage in various activities and groups that college campuses provide. You just might a new passion.
  4. Live on campus. Studies show that students who live on campus are more successful. Not to mention, you’ll enjoy living on your own without paying for cable, a gym membership or electricity and you’ll never haggle a roommate about paying their portion of the rent.
  5. Get deep. Engage in intellectual discussions with your peers. College is a time to discover new ideals and to open your mind to others’ views of the world.
  6. Study hard, play hard. Find balance in your social and academic pursuits. Sometimes the things you learn while eating cold pizza at 3 am are just as important as what you learn in the classroom.
  7. Get connected. Locate your on-campus support staff. On campus counseling, career development and learning support centers are always ready and willing to help you succeed.
  8. Be money-wise. Many students find that becoming financially independent comes with a new set of temptations and burdens. Seek help in creating a budget and learning how set financial goals.
  9. Take care. It’s easy to neglect your physical health with all of life’s changing demands. Be mindful of your needs. Eat right, get enough sleep and try to be physically active.
  10. Branch out. Keep an open mind. Universities are havens for connecting people of all cultures and backgrounds, many different from your own. Embrace the experience and enjoy getting to know more about the world and people around you.