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Social Media Ambassadors

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Enjoying your #SpaldingU experience? Become a Social Media Ambassador and share your college experience on Spalding social media. SMA’s have access to the University Snapchat and Instagram accounts, and show our followers what it’s like to be a Spalding student.
If you are an undergraduate student interested in learning more about the SMA program, email us.

Meet our ambassadors

Katie Ables

Katie AblesHi, I’m Katie Ables. I am a freshman nursing major. My favorite social media platform is Instagram. My handle is @katieaables! What I love about being a SMA for Spalding is being able to share my experience and why I love Spalding to my fellow peers and potential students. The thing I love most about Spalding is the friendly atmosphere!

Dakota Embry

Dakota EmbryMy name is Dakota Embry and I’m a junior working towards my BFA! I’m also involved in the peer mentor program, as well as a Resident Assistant for the 1st floor of the Suites. Because I’m involved in quite a bit, it’s nice that Spalding’s campus is so small because I can easily get from one place to another while seeing fellow students in these programs every day. It makes working with them easier and less uncomfortable. It also means I can usually get to the pod before they run out of chicken strips on Mondays. #priorities

Madison Jaggers

Madi JaggersI am a Freshman Occupational Therapy major, I am involved in the Social Media Ambassador program along with SAGA, Student Ambassadors, and CAB. My favorite thing about Spalding is how we enhance the mission statement everyday along with showing our family atmosphere. Being a Social Media Ambassador to me is amazing because I can help capture the special moments we all share being Spalding students and can share them through social media in a positive way.

Carly Lynch

Carly LynchHi, my name is Carly and I am a Junior. I am involved in Campus Activities Board, Student Ambassadors, and Social Media Ambassadors. My favorite parts about Spalding is the 6-week sessions and our compassionate community. I love being a Social Media Ambassador because it gives me the opportunity to share my experiences with prospective students and to show them how life really is at Spalding. My favorite social media platform is Snapchat or Instagram because I get to keep in contact with friends and family that I don’t get to see often.

Melissa Perez

Melissa PerezHey there! I’m Melissa Perez and I am a sophomore, majoring in business administration with a concentration of marketing. I just re-activated the national organization  Phi Beta Lambda and serve as the president. My favorite social media platform is Instagram. I’m proud of my Polaroid insta-feed! I love collecting and taking polaroid pictures with my camera. I love living on a smaller campus since I’m not treated as number but more as an actual student. There’s such a welcoming atmosphere on campus! The class schedule flexibility is also one of the best traits, hands down!!! I can go out with my friends on Fridays as our days off, and still not be overwhelmed with only 2 classes per session. My favorite emojis are the laughing emoji and the sunflower emoji. Being a first-time SMA, I have a deeper appreciation for the school and what it’s like to contribute to the Spalding community. When I post on Snapchat, I try to post with Snapchat Spectacles because they’re pretty darn sweet!