The School of Professional Psychology (SOPP) offers a comprehensive doctoral program in clinical psychology that is fully accredited by the American Psychological Association and is a member of National Council of the Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology (NCSPP). Although strongly grounded in the study of general clinical psychology, the PsyD program strives to meet the demands of a changing, diverse society with opportunity to study in these areas:

  • adult psychology
  • child, adolescent, family psychology
  • forensic psychology
  • health psychology.

We are dedicated to providing generalist training in clinical psychology based upon scientific principles, grounded in evidence-based practice and offered in a collaborative and cooperative setting. We emphasize critical thinking, ethical decision-making, and the promotion of social justice.

For more information regarding graduate admissions, contact or call (502) 585-7127.

Emphasis Areas

Adult Psychology

The Adult Psychology Emphasis Area provides expert training in the science of interpersonal relationships. Whether working with adults, the elderly, the emotionally disturbed, the mentally ill, or people dealing with ordinary life difficulties at home, in their communities, and at work, interpersonal relationships are part of the human condition.

Child, Adolescent and Family

The Child, Adolescent and Family Emphasis Area bridges the gap between clinical child psychology programs and marital and family counseling programs, providing coursework and experiential activities focused on children, parents, extended family and siblings, in addition to larger systems such as day care centers, residential treatment facilities, schools, and hospitals.

Forensic Psychology

The Forensic/Correctional Emphasis Area offers training in the competencies that are essential to working with individuals involved in many of the capacities in the legal and correctional systems, particularly the area of interface between the legal system and professional psychology.

Health Psychology

The Health Psychology Emphasis Area (HPEA) is committed to increasing knowledge, conducting and publishing clinical applied research, establishing empirically-based treatment practice and creating training and practice opportunities for health psychologists. We strive to improve the health care system through teaching and performing program evaluation, organizational development policy formation and political action.