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A photo of Kristin Jones standing.

Kristin Jones

Class of 2020

"We have a population here that needs more allies. So being able to be an ally for individuals with disabilities and bring opportunities to them through occupational therapy is huge." Accessible video of Kristin's story.

A photo of Maria Romo standing.

Maria Romo

Class of 2020

"I want my kids to see that hard work does pay off and it is never too late to go back to school." Accessible video of Maria's story.

A photo of Tori Murden McClure.

Tori Murden McClure

Class of 2005

"I see people change the world all the time in their own little sphere, in their own little circles." Accessible video of Tori's story.

A photo of Jimi Keating standing.

Jimi Keating

Class of 2019

"My sister, who happens to have Down syndrome, she changed what I'm going to do for the rest of my life. It was like this lightbulb moment... I'm supposed to work with Special Ed kids." Accessible video of Jimi's story.

A photo of Scotty Brooks leaning.

Scotty Brooks

Class of 2019

"I had an opportunity to really make a change... I can show others how to climb mountains as well, so it's no longer just about me." Accessible video of Scotty's story.

Kasim Alsalman leaning.

Kasim Alsalman

Class of 2020

“I’m a first-generation scholar…My experience at Spalding has actually been very empowering for me because it gave me leadership opportunities.”

Kristin Spencer leaning.

Kristin Spencer

Class of 2018

“I want to give him a great life. Something bigger, something better…Being a 100-percent online student was helpful for me because it helped me to be here physically basically all the time…I could still hang out with my son.”

A silhouetted figure with the word You standing next to large marble-textured letters that read Today is a Great Day to Change the World

Change Your World, Today.